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M.J. Albacete is the Executive Director of the Canton Museum of Art, and is Adjunct Professor of Art History and Architecture at Kent State University, Stark Campus. He has received a number of grants to visit and photograph important sites abroad. From his color slide collection, he has created many fascinating illustrated lectures on topics related to art, art history, architecture, and archaeology.

The Tomb of Tutankhamen

One of Mr. Albacete’s most popular illustrated programs, this revised and updated version includes many new color slides based on his recent visit to Egypt. The program follows archaeologist Howard Carter from the exciting moment of discovery through the removal and conservation of many items found in Pharaoh’s tomb. Of particular interest is the opening of the sarcophagus, untouched since the Pharaoh’s burial 3,300 years ago. The program also surveys the most important artifacts found in the tomb.

The Parthenon: Masterpiece of the Doric Order
After a brief historical overview of this magnificent architectural wonder, Mr. Albacete discusses the construction of the Parthenon, and then surveys the various sculptures with which it was decorated. The program includes reconstructions of the statue of Athena Parthenos, which once stood inside, fragments of the two pediments and the Doric frieze. For the finale, we follow the action of the 528-foot Panathenaic procession, augmented by rare 17th century drawings that largely fill in lost portions of the original frieze.

The Sistine Chapel Frescos of Michelangelo: History, Restoration, and Controversy
Beginning with the building and decoration of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, this illustrated program details the life and work of Michelangelo. After briefly reviewing past restorations of the Last Judgement wall and the Genesis sequence on the Chapel ceiling, the program follows the restoration-in-progress with many stunning before and after slides.

Dr. Albacete offers several other presentations, such as On and Off the Beaten Path in Israel and Classical Curios: Strange and Memorable Moments in Music. Please contact him or OHC for more information.

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