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Unmentionables, by Laurie Loewenstein

Published: July 31, 2020

by Pat Williamsen The characters in Unmentionables carry many unmentionable secrets—illicit lovers, suspect genealogy, furtive ambitions. Like unseen the undergarments everyone wears, it seems everyone in town… Read More

Legacy of Dissent: The Civil War’s Contested Meaning in the Midwest, by Christopher Phillips

Published: July 30, 2020

This article was published in the winter 2017 issue of Pathways. In “Legacy of Dissent,” Christopher Phillips writes: Although the problem of race is national,… Read More

“Let America Be America Again,” by Langston Hughes

Published: July 28, 2020

Listen to Danez Smith reading the poem.   Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes   Let America be America again. Let it be the dream it used to be. Let it be the pioneer on the plain Seeking a home where he himself is… Read More

Elements of Style: Writing the News, by Leticia Wiggins

Published: July 27, 2020

TOM BORGERDING REMEMBERS THE DAY HIS FATHER GAVE HIM A TRANSISTOR RADIO. He was ten years old and remembers listening constantly to baseball games and news from WIL in St. Louis. It was magic, the way such a small box emitted… Read More

American Voices: the Right to Vote, by David Merkowitz

Published: July 23, 2020

The American Promise is found in the Declaration of Independence, written when the gathered colonials met in Philadelphia and sought to ground their claim on the assertion that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by… Read More

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