1st Quarter 2016 Grant Awards

First Quarter Grants Announced by Ohio Humanities

Four projects focusing on veterans are among the 12 grants recently approved for funding by Ohio Humanities, reflecting an emphasis by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Ohio Humanities on projects and programs related to veterans. The theme, Standing Together: The Humanities and the Experience of War was developed in recognition of the importance of the humanities both in helping Americans to understand the experiences of service members and in assisting veterans as they return to civilian life. The four veteran-related projects account for $26,270 of the $83,339 issued for the first quarter of FY 2016 by Ohio Humanities.

ONG4-Sgt Kimberly Lamb

Photo by Sgt Kimberly Lamb, courtesy Ohio National Guard

Beginning April, 2016, the first annual Cleveland Humanities Festival, hosted by Case Western Reserve University, will explore the impact of war on society and culture. Institutions participating in the festival will explore the impact of war on society and culture through a series of coordinated events that will consider our capacity for brutality and the possibility of transcending it through the power of art. Hidden Poetry, a project from the Ohio University School of Communications in Athens is a panel discussion and poetry workshop that creates interdisciplinary dialogue about the intersection of communications, the humanities and hidden disabilities while also providing needed support to veterans.

Books@Work VA Domiciliary brings four months of professor-led literature seminars to homeless, disabled, and drug/alcohol-dependent veterans residing in the facility. Sponsored by That Can Be Me, Inc., guided discussions of literature encourage the exploration of relevant human themes, enabling participants to approach sensitive issues on their own terms to shape meaningful learning. The Athens County Historical Society and Museum will host the Athens in Vietnam Oral History Project, a six-month long oral history project with Vietnam veterans from Athens County. Interviews will be recorded on audio and video and then broadcast on a local radio program. The first part of the project will culminate with an open house event at the museum highlighting the project.


The complete list of funded projects:

Major Grants

Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland                                                                                            $11,150
Points of View
Points of View talks related to MOCA’s main gallery exhibitions will present original scholarship, post-talk presentations on MOCA’s web site, plus season-long interactive modules in its Learning Lab.

University of Akron                                                                                                                               $16,189
BLIMP! Sports, Broadcasting & the Goodyear Airship
One-hour documentary exploring the history of the Goodyear Blimp – how it went from a glorified kiddie ride to the cultural icon it is today.

Mandel Jewish Community Center                                                                                                       $5,000
Cleveland’s Jewish Book Festival
Will bring some of the most popular Jewish authors to Cleveland, providing for the public access to writers and books.

Case Western Reserve University Baker-Nord Center for Humanities                                              $15,000
2016 Cleveland Humanities Festival: Remembering War
The inaugural event explores the impact of war on society and culture through a series of coordinated events that will consider our capacity for brutality and transcending it through art.

Canton Museum of Art                                                                                                                         $11,000
The Blue Collar – The Works of Kyle and Kelly Phelps
An educationally enriching exhibition presents significant cultural and historical concepts related to regional blue collar workers.

Ohio History Connection                                                                                                                     $7,000
Making Archaeology Public
A video production will tell the story of a publicly-funded archaeology dig that uncovered a little known Shaker ceramic industry.


Quarterly Grants

Athens County Historical Society and Museum                                                                                $4,270
Athens in Vietnam: Oral History Project
Interviews with Athens County Vietnam War veterans will be and broadcast on local radio.

That Can Be Me, Inc.                                                                                                                           $4,000
Books@Work in the Cleveland VA Domiciliary
Literature seminars for homeless, disabled, and drug/alcohol-dependent veterans residing in the VA Domiciliary will encourage residents to explore relevant human themes for meaningful learning.

Xavier University                                                                                                                                 $3,548
The Cooperative Economy: Building a Sustainable Future
Xavier University’s Ethics/Religion, and Society program hosts a conference to engage Cincinnati’s blossoming co-op movement to facilitate information sharing.

Ohio University School of Communication Studies                                                                           $3,000
Hidden Poetry: How Can Poetry Help Those Carrying the Hidden Wounds of War?
A panel discussion and poetry workshop about the intersection of communications, the humanities, and hidden disabilities.


Planning Grant

Voyager Media Group Inc.                                                                                                                    $2,000
Lucy Braun – Pioneer Ecologist
Planning for a documentary about Lucy Braun, a 20th century ecologist and botanist responsible for preserving sites in Ohio that became the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System.


Monthly Grant

Catacoustic Consort, Cincinnati                                                                                                           $1,182
Lecture by Dr. Craig Monson
Dr. Monson will lecture on the history of women’s roles in music in 17th century Italy, providing historical and social context for Catacoustic’s musical performance on November 13.