Image: Ohioana Book FestivalWho knew?  Readers live longer than non-readers.

I just saw an item in the AARP magazine that cited a study by Yale University scientists who discovered that reading 30 minutes a day increases longevity.  Reading fiction is particularly helpful.

That’s good news for people who read constantly.

Authored by Becca R. Levy and colleagues, the study followed 3,635 individuals for 12 years. Speaking with AARP, Dr. Levy reported that people who read “as little as a half-hour a day … had a significant survival advantage over those who did not read.”  Reading, they found, boosts brain power and might lower the risk of dementia.  Reading also fosters empathy and lowers stress levels — unlike watching television.

The Ohioana Book Festival takes place on April 8 at the Sheraton on Capitol Square.  Meet your favorite authors, discover a new writer, grab an armful of books.  Then go home and settle down in your favorite comfy chair to read. According to the Yale University study, indulging in reading books will contribute to “a longer life in which to read them.”

Ohio Humanities is the presenting sponsor for the Ohioana Book Festival.  For more information, visit the festival website here.