The humanities provide avenues that can become bridges over time, space and cultures. They offer a great opportunity for people to talk to each other about things that matter. State councils across the country are presenting programs under the “Humanities at Home” umbrella. Our neighbors to the north, Michigan Humanities, put the pedal to the metal with their program “Bridging Michigan.” As they describe “Bridging Michigan” on their website:

As part of Michigan Humanities’ commitment to dialogue around critical issues and their connection to the humanities, we are coordinating an online conversation series this summer and fall with a focus on the history of systemic inequities, their current impacts on health, education, and Indigenous rights, and the ways that the arts and humanities are active parts of creating real change.

On Thursday, September 3, Eric Hemenway and Matthew L.M. Fletcher joined in conversation about the history and current state of Native mascots | To view a recording of the conversation, click on the image below.