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I Voted, by Missy G. Flinn

Published: October 26, 2020

  I voted last Friday.   And my heart swelled. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Every time I go and cast my ballot, I am gathered together with people from my community, starting with my precinct, my county… Read More


Democracy: What is an American, A Conversation with Shakila Ahmad

Published: September 14, 2020

From the first issue of Pathways: A 2017 conversation with Shakila Ahmad asked the question, “What is an American?” This topic was heavy on our minds in the spring of 2017,… Read More


Moniker: Identity Lost and Found, by Missy G. Flinn

Published: September 10, 2020

  Symbols. People. Identity. These issues are in the forefront of today’s news. The opening event of the exhibition Moniker: Identity Lost and Found at the Massillon Museum in 2018, which seems like a lifetime ago, keeps coming up in… Read More


Repost: Working 9 to 5: Ohio Women’s Push for Equality in the Workplace

Published: September 7, 2020

With the coming of Labor Day this year thought it would be good to re-post this article from the first edition of Pathways in spring 2017. It’s about the 9to5 movement for gender equality in the workplace—and the wit, strength, and… Read More


The Herodotos Project: Towards an ethnohistory of the ancient world

Published: September 3, 2020

By Christopher Brown, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Micha Elsner, and Brian D. Joseph The ancient Greek writer Herodotos (484–425 BCE) is often referred to as the Father of History: his Histories tell… Read More

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