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Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine by Sarah Lohman. Review by Diane Schroeder

Published: December 16, 2020

Want to spice up your life in the kitchen? Want to try out some new recipes? Sarah Lohman’s Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine is a quirky blend of history and Lohman’s experience with food. Through research about each… Read More


Leopoldstadt, a play by Tom Stoppard, and Sunshine, a film directed by István Szabó. Review by David Merkowitz

Published: December 11, 2020

    In 2003, I took my first trip to Italy, where I hit many of the big tourist spots in Pisa, Venice, and Rome with my future wife. We did a lot of the usual Venice things… Read More


I Voted, by Missy G. Flinn

Published: October 26, 2020

  I voted last Friday.   And my heart swelled. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Every time I go and cast my ballot, I am gathered together with people from my community, starting with my precinct, my county… Read More


Barnstorming Ohio to Understand America, by David Giffells

Published: October 24, 2020

By Pat Williamsen Do we need another book examining Ohio’s role as a microcosm of the nation? David Giffels believes Ohioans don’t need any more books written by outsiders who think they can explain us to ourselves. “We get enough of that every election cycle.” Ohio is often described as… Read More


March, by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin, illustrated and lettered by Nate Powell

Published: August 28, 2020

By Diane Schroeder The March trilogy is an autobiography told through the perspective of civil rights leader and US Congressman John Lewis. The series, written by Lewis and Andrew… Read More

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