As we become ever more reliant on the news to keep us informed about the coronavirus pandemic—I admit to a daily morning ritual of checking the news to see the latest counts of COVID-19 cases locally, and across the state, the nation, and the world—it is ever more important to pay attention to the local news, wherever you are. Local journalism fosters community, and is a vital part of being an informed citizen in a Democracy. While some Ohio communities still have robust local reporting, many communities across the state are seeing their daily and weekly newspapers dry up.

Join a conversation between Pat Williamsen, executive director of Ohio Humanities, Alan Miller, editor of the Columbus Dispatch, and Dennis Hetzel, executive director of the Ohio News Network. They talk about news deserts and what the lack of local reporting means for smaller communities:

Real Issues, Real Conversations: The Problem of News Deserts


Find more on Ohio Humanities’ coverage of “Democracy and the Informed Citizen here:

Democracy and the Informed Citizen