Shakila AhmadFrom the first issue of Pathways:

A 2017 conversation with Shakila Ahmad asked the question, “What is an American?” This topic was heavy on our minds in the spring of 2017, and in today’s charged political environment, the question of American identity remains at the forefront of discourse about what it means to be an informed citizen in a democracy.

Take a look at what that question looked like three years ago. Read the full conversation here.

Shakila T. Ahmad is the first female president of the board of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. She spearheaded the creation of an educational DVD, guided tours, and ran a speakers bureau for the Center to increase understanding of Islam, the Muslim community, and mosques in the United States. She is active in interfaith relations and racial justice, and has partnered with AJC locally. She also serves on numerous regional and national civic and community boards. In addition to the Islamic Center, Shakila also seeks to further interfaith and intercultural education and understanding through her involvement with United Way of Greater Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati Foundation, and Xavier University President’s advisory boards.