Want to spice up your life in the kitchen? Want to try out some new recipes? Sarah Lohman’s Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine is a quirky blend of history and Lohman’s experience with food. Through research about each of the eight spices’ origins and integration into American cuisine, Lohman reveals the influence of Americans’ diverse heritage on today’s extremely diverse culinary society. This book isn’t just about the history of food–it is also about the people who prepared, ate, and shared their traditions to help popularize them in America.

An informative and entertaining book, I would recommend it not just to foodies, but to everyone. The holiday season is the perfect time for family traditions, but why not try something truly traditional with a new recipe from the past? Even after the holidays, cooking something new can be a fun and unique experience. Each spice has a few recipes, so give them a try in your kitchen.