Funded Projects Resources

If you have any questions about the responsibilities of a project director for an Ohio Humanities grant, please consult the Project Director's Guide, the Grant Guidelines, or contact a program officer.

Click on the links below for grant-related forms. While these forms are available here in digital format, they must be submitted via the postal service.

The percentage of the grant available at the initial disbursement is 75%. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your program officer.

1. Project Director's Guide for Funded Projects 

2. Initial Disbursement of Grant Funds Request

3. Project's Director's Guide to Submitting a Final Report

4. Final Budget Form

Questions? Contact a Program Officer:


For Major Grants and Quarterly Grants, contact David Merkowitz, PhD


For Monthly Grants, contact Melvin Barnes, PhD or book an appointment here


Call us at 800.293.9774 or 614.461.7802

Already received an Ohio Humanities Grant? Visit the Funded Projects page for helpful tips and additional information.