Grant Guidelines

Successful applications for Ohio Humanities support contain four major components:

  1. Applicants must show they represent an eligible organization.
  2. The public humanities must be central to the proposed project.
  3. Public humanities professionals should be heavily involved in project work.  
  4. The application must follow Ohio Humanities budget guidelines.

Carefully reviewing the information below will show if your project is a good fit for Ohio Humanities funding. Remember to refer to these guidelines as you fill out your application to create the most competitive grant possible.

If you have questions about applying for a grant, please contact a Program Officer. We’re here to help you submit a successful application!

Eligible Organizations

The first step in applying for support is making sure your organization is eligible to receive Ohio Humanities grant funding. To be eligible, you must apply on behalf of a nonprofit organization located in the state of Ohio—such as a public library, museum, historical society, or community organization.

All applicants and grantees working with Ohio Humanities must now have the UEI number issued by the federal government through the system. Please visit to acquire your number.

If your organization meets all of the criteria in the checklist below, move on to the next step.

Public Humanities Content

Ohio Humanities offers grants for organizations and projects that provide humanities programming to public audiences across the state. The “humanities” include the study of history, literature, languages, philosophy, archaeology, ethics, jurisprudence, comparative religion, and world cultures. The humanities also encompass art history, theory, and criticism—but not the creation, display or performance of art—and aspects of the social sciences that use historical or philosophical approaches.

Successful applicants will demonstrate that their projects adhere to three major public humanities principles:

Public Humanities Professionals

Public humanities professionals are integral to each project funded by Ohio Humanities. These professionals may have backgrounds in history, literature, languages, philosophy, archaeology, ethics, jurisprudence, comparative religion, world cultures, or other humanities disciplines.

Review the guidelines below for more detail: 

Budget Guidelines

Ohio Humanities grants support the labor necessary for public programs, such as research, preparation, production, and presentation. Ohio Humanities prefers to fund the components of a grant that make the content of the public programming and the work of humanities professionals widely accessible.

Our budget guidelines help applicants create a competitive grant application:

Apply for a Grant

If your project meets the above criteria after review, you are ready to move forward!

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