Symbols. People. Identity.

These issues are in the forefront of today’s news. The opening event of the exhibition Moniker: Identity Lost and Found at the Massillon Museum in 2018, which seems like a lifetime ago, keeps coming up in my memory. At the time I was taken by how people from all over the spectrum—of place, of income, of lifestyle—were gathered at the museum. I am still taken by the experience, and I am glad I had the presence of mind to take pictures.

Now it is unsafe to gather people for event like this at all, and places where people do come together seem remarkable for their homogeneity. I won’t describe these groups, we read about them enough in the news. It’s a good thing to revisit this remarkable moment in time. Enjoy this reprint of the photoessay I put together for the fall 2018 issue of Pathways. And when it’s safe to gather again, do it in the spirit of this event and mingle with a mix of people from walks of life that seem very different from yours. Strike up a conversation. Find the places where your thoughts and experiences come together.

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