The News Literacy Project believes in the power of education as the most effect approach to combat the spread of misinformation. They do so by providing free resources and programs to educators and students. These resources support in teaching and practicing information consumption and creation practices, and provide the tools to discern fact-based, credible information. 

Misinformation and a lack of news literacy in the United States have created a crisis — an existential threat to our democracy. People of all ages urgently need news literacy skills to discern fact from fiction and become reliably informed voters and participants in our nation’s civic life – NPL, 2020

The News Literacy Project recently announced expanding their commitment to these efforts beyond the classroom, offering free tools and resources that allow users of all ages to identify credible information, seek out reliable sources, understand both media bias as well as their own, and apply critical thinking skills to differentiate fact-based content from falsehoods. 

Join NLP on Thursday, October 8, for a Lunch and Learn with Peter Adams, NLP’s senior vice president of education, where he will explore recent trends in misinformation and introduce resources for debunking falsehoods and more. Find information on how to register here.

image courtesy of The News Literacy Project

NLP, a nonpartisan national education nonprofit, provides programs and resources for educators and the public to teach, learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information and equal and engaged participants in a democracy. Learn more here.