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Podcast: Report for America

Published: September 28, 2020

This episode of the Real Issues: Real Conversations podcast is about Report for America. In it, we hear from some of the project’s 2020-2021 Ohio-based corps members who all began their new jobs during June of 2020. Read More

The News Literacy Project launches free resources for the public

Published: September 21, 2020

The News Literacy Project believes in the power of education as the most effect approach to combat the spread of misinformation. They do so by providing free resources and programs to educators and students. These resources support in teaching and practicing… Read More

Democracy: What is an American, A Conversation with Shakila Ahmad

Published: September 14, 2020

From the first issue of Pathways: A 2017 conversation with Shakila Ahmad asked the question, “What is an American?” This topic was heavy on our minds in the spring of 2017,… Read More

Moniker: Identity Lost and Found, by Missy G. Flinn

Published: September 10, 2020

  Symbols. People. Identity. These issues are in the forefront of today’s news. The opening event of the exhibition Moniker: Identity Lost and Found at the Massillon Museum in 2018, which seems like a lifetime ago, keeps coming up in… Read More

Bridging Michigan

Published: September 9, 2020

The humanities provide avenues that can become bridges over time, space and cultures. They offer a great opportunity for people to talk to each other about things that matter. State councils across the country are presenting programs under the “Humanities at… Read More

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