Planning Resources

Ample time for planning often makes the difference between a high quality, fundable project and one that does not meet Ohio Humanities requirements. Because Ohio Humanities requires completed proposals months before projects are scheduled to begin, planning ahead is crucial for all grant applicants.

Contact a Program Officer

All applicants, and especially first-time grantwriters, are encouraged to contact Ohio Humanities staff for assistance during the planning and application process. The staff aims to encourage the best proposals possible. Ohio Humanities program officers are available to assist in planning activities by:

  • Discussing project ideas;
  • Suggesting appropriate humanities professionals;
  • Identifying the appropriate grant line and/or special grant program;
  • Reviewing drafts of grant proposals.

Should you require project planning assistance, please make a phone appointment with a program officer.


Questions? Contact a Program Officer:


Email a program officer at


Call us at 614-461-7802

Already received an Ohio Humanities Grant? Visit the Resources for Grant Administrators page for helpful tips and additional information.