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Bringing the humanities to your town is easy with the Ohio Humanities Speakers Bureau. Scholars in the fields of history, literature, philosophy, law, and archaeology have been engaging audiences and inspiring conversation for over 20 years.


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1. Schedule a Speaker

If your organization would like to book a speaker, first contact the speaker to confirm program dates and times. You can find speaker contact information at the bottom of each speaker page.


2. Book Your Speaker

Once you have contacted and confirmed with your speaker, use our online application to apply at least six weeks before your scheduled event. Upon approval, we’ll send you a program agreement packet and ask you to pay the appropriate application fee to Ohio Humanities. Groups are limited to three Speakers Bureau programs per year. If you have any questions, please call Program Coordinator Sam Chase at 614.461.7802 or email at schase@ohiohumanities.org.


Speakers Bureau Fee Structure

Non-profit organizations with an annual budget under $150,000 pay a fee of $50.00

Non-profit organizations with an annual budget over $150,000 pay a fee of $250.00

Schools (including colleges or universities) and corporate or private entities pay a fee of $400.00


Ohio Humanities is not accepting new Speakers Bureau bookings at this time. Please check back in October 2020 or contact Sam Chase at 614.461.7802 or schase@ohiohumanities.org if you have any questions. Although no Ohio Humanities funding will be provided, organizations are encouraged to contact individual speakers to inquire about bookings on their own.

Explore Suffrage 

These talks and discussions commemorate significant anniversaries in the struggle for suffrage–the passing of the 15th and 19th amendments–and emphasize the value in recognizing the common threads that bind us all together. Each scholar uses a national and statewide framework to explore where we’ve been, who we are, and to weigh the question, where do we want to be?

Bending to the Color Line: The Fight For Women’s Suffrage in Ohio

Carol Lasser

Rebels in Corsets: The Embodied Rhetoric of the Women’s Suffrage Movement 

Susan Trollinger

“Remember the Ladies:” The 1850 Women’s Rights Convention in Salem , OH

Cathy Nelson

From Mrs, Satan to Madam Speaker: 150 Years of Ohio Women Running for Public Office

Barbara Palmer

A History of Race and the Right to Vote in Reconstruction Ohio

Ric Sheffield

Fragile Unity: Urban and Rural Reformers After Suffrage

Rebekah Brown

Helen Hamilton Gardener and the Secret History of Women’s Suffrage in America

Kimberly Hamlin

Phyllis Schlafly and the Equal Rights Amendment

Stephanie Hinnershitz