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Bringing the humanities to your town is easy with the Ohio Humanities Speakers Bureau. Scholars in the fields of history, literature, philosophy, law, and archaeology have been traveling the state for 20 years speaking at libraries, historical societies, civic organizations and museums.


Current Speakers Bureau Roster

The current roster of 32 speakers represent 21 subjects.




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1. Schedule a Speaker

If your organization would like to present a speaker, first directly contact the speaker to confirm program dates and times. After you have confirmed scheduling details, submit a speaker request form to the Ohio Humanities at least six weeks before the presentation takes place. Upon Ohio Humanities approval, we’ll a send you a packet with publicity materials and ask you to pay the appropriate application fee to the Ohio Humanities. Groups are limited to three Speakers Bureau programs per year.


2. Book Your Speaker

Once you have contacted and confirmed with your speaker, use our online application to apply. If you have any questions, please call Program Coordinator Sam Chase at 614.461.7802 or email at schase@ohiohumanities.org.


Speakers Bureau Fee Structure

Non-profit organizations with an annual budget under $150,000 pay a fee of $50.00

Non-profit organizations with an annual budget over $150,000 pay a fee of $250.00

Schools (including colleges or universities) and corporate or private entities pay a fee of $400.00


New Speakers for 2019

These moderated discussions emphasize the value in recognizing the common threads that bind us all together. Each scholar uses a national and statewide framework to explore where we’ve been,who we are, and to weigh the question, where do we want to be?

The Epic Rise and Fall of George Remus, America’s Bootleg Baron, and the Roaring Days of the Jazz Age

Bob Batchelor | Assistant Professor, Media, Journalism, and Film Department, Miami University | bob@bobbatchelor.com.

The Lincoln School Story: How 18 African American Mothers Changed History

Kati Herrington Burwinkel | Project Director, The Lincoln School Story | katiburwinkel@att.net.

Tradition of Humor in Ohio

Susanne Jaffe | Former Executive and Creative Director, Thurber House | sj@susannejaffe.com.

The Tale of Three Writers: Millie, Virginia, and Christine

Julie Rubini | Author and Founder of Claire’s Day Book Festival | 419-704-3894 or Juliekayrubini@gmail.com .