Since 1972, Ohio Humanities’ grant program has sparked critical public humanities work throughout our state. By funding engaging programs that center the humanities, Ohio Humanities helps inspire conversations about our state’s shared histories and cultures. Our goal is to support projects that make the humanities central to creating and sustaining vibrant communities. 

We invite applications for project grants from non-profit and governmental organizations across the state. If you’re thinking of applying for an Ohio Humanities grant, check out the information below to see if we might be a good fit:

We fund projects that center the humanities. But what are the “humanities?" For us, the humanities tell the stories of our shared human experience, strengthen communities, and help bridge divides. This includes the study of history, literature, languages, philosophy, archaeology, ethics, jurisprudence, comparative religion, world cultures, folklore, ethnic and gender studies, and aspects of the social sciences that use historical or philosophical approaches. We also consider art history, theory, and criticism as humanities subjects, but not the creation, display, or performance of art. 

What do we fund?

Ohio Humanities grants support the research, preparation, production, and presentation of public programs. The most competitive grant proposals focus on the “public” in “public humanities.” We fund projects that make the humanities widely and easily accessible to the general public, and they should offer ample opportunity for community members to engage in conversations about the humanities.

What are our funding priorities?

We prioritize funding projects that have the potential to invite all Ohioans to participate in thoughtful consideration of and engaging conversations about the humanities. The most successful applications identify how the project will foster a sense of place in attendees, encouraging robust civic engagement through humanities-driven programs. Programs will ideally create sustainable outcomes that can circulate in communities beyond the grant period. We especially invite applications that produce accessible, engaging, and challenging media, particularly documentary film and audio projects. 


Ignite Grants

Up to $20,000


February 15, 2024, drafts due January 16, projects start after May 15, 2024

June 17, 2024, drafts due May 15, projects start after October 1, 2024

October 15, 2024, drafts due September 13, projects start after January 1, 2025

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Spark Grants

Up to $5,000


The first business day of each month
(Spark Grant applications will not be available for the
June 2024, and November 2024 deadlines)

Preliminary applications due one month prior to final due date.

Applications must be submitted two months before public events occur.

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 Grant Resources

Ohio Humanities provides resources for grant applicants and administrators. Use the links below to learn more:


Instructional Videos Library

Resources for grant administrators


Previously Funded Projects

For more than 50 years, Ohio Humanities has awarded grants to support public humanities projects and organizations.

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