The Organization

Established in 1972, Ohio Humanities is a private nonprofit organization and the state-based partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Ohio Humanities increases Ohioans’ appreciation and understanding of the humanities through the organization’s grant-making capacity and programs. Operating statewide, Ohio Humanities provides assistance to grant applicants, oversees organization-developed programs, and promotes the humanities in Ohio through collaborations with cultural and educational institutions. Ohio Humanities is governed by a volunteer board which makes decisions on grant awards and sets policy.


The humanities guide us in defining our individual beliefs, values, aspirations, and are central to creating vibrant communities and building innovative economic opportunities. Humanities study helps us understand and engage diverse cultures. The humanities allow us to interpret our past, understand the present, and imagine our future.

The Ohio Humanities Board of Directors

Individually and collectively, Ohio Humanities board members serve as advocates for the public humanities by promoting the mission and vision of Ohio Humanities to sustain vibrant communities and foster lifelong learning. Members are fiduciary stewards of the organization; as a whole, the board establishes policy and ensures the financial health of the organization.
Specific responsibilities of individual members include sharing their wisdom and experience, attending quarterly business meetings, participating on committees, reviewing grant applications, evaluating projects, and acting as liaisons with various audiences and civic leaders. In addition, board members are asked to assist with development activities and to make annual contributions to Ohio Humanities.

Ohio Humanities is always seeking qualified individuals from the academic and private sectors to serve as board members and guide the organization’s future. Terms of service are three years, with appointments beginning on November 1 of the year.
Prospective member packets should include an application form and the individual’s resume or curriculum vita. Nominations are accepted through the year. Please forward nominations to:

Pat Williamsen, Executive Director
471 East Broad Street-Suite 1620
Columbus, Ohio 43215.




Ohio Humanities serves as an advocate for the public humanities in Ohio. We promote the humanities through public programs, grants, and community projects with the goal of helping individuals and communities explore, share, and be inspired by the human experience.

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