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David Descutner and DeLysa Burnier

“We contribute to Ohio Humanities because we believe in its mission and strongly support the creative, educational work it funds in communities all across Ohio.

We also believe that the humanities, in all their expressive forms, are essential to preserving and indeed strengthening America’s democracy. Unfettered exposure to the humanities ensures citizens know history and how to think critically; learn to act with empathy as they develop a deep appreciation for personal, cultural, and religious difference; and value the importance of securing social justice and equality for all Americans.”

David Descutner and DeLysa Burnier*

*Denotes Luminary—a donor for 5 consecutive years or a monthly donor

Advocates $1,000 - $9,999 

Arthur and Kathleen Bauer*
Annie and Tim Bezbatchenko
Douglas and Marisa Brown
Kati and Phil Burwinkel
Kathleen L. Endres*
Katherine Fell
Jane Gerhardt*

Rustom and Mary Khouri
Tom and Kathryn Law*
Kevin and Carla Miller
Dan Moder
Mary Jane and Jim Pajk
Doreen Uhas Sauer and John Sauer
Susan Ferraro Smith

Gjestvang Applegate Fund of the Columbus Foundation
Thomas Van Nortwick* In memory of David Kyvig

*Denotes Luminary—a donor for 5 consecutive years or a monthly donor

$500 - $999

Deena Mirow Epstein*
Jay and Sue Giles*
Philip Kuceyeski
Kenneth F. Ledford and

Susan Holderness*
Carey R. Schmitt
Sarah Sisser*
Allan Winkler and Sara Penhale*

*Denotes Luminary—a donor for 5 consecutive years or a monthly donor

$250 - $499


Dr. Marilyn Sanders Mobley

“I give to Ohio Humanities because I agree with late Nobel Laureate and fellow Ohioan Toni Morrison, who said, 'Narrative is radical, creating us at the moment it is being created.' When Ohioans learn the stories of our fellow Ohioans, and what their struggles and triumphs have been, we get to learn how we are interconnected. Our stories of how we are interconnected can inspire us to do the work of building stronger, more caring, more just communities that can strengthen our democracy.”

Rebecca Brown Asmo
Kathy Sue Barker
Richard Benedum and Julane Rodgers*
Judith Bryan
Brodi and Andrea Conover*
Samuel and Susan Crowl
Josephine B. Dluzynski
Henry C. Doll*
Laura and Pat Ecklar
Shellee Fisher
Ivy Freeman
Meg Galipault*
Lance and Dianne Grahn*
John E. Hancock
Jerry G. Holt

John and Carolyn Kellis
Catherine and Steve Kennedy
Vicki Knauff
Stacia L. Kuceyeski*
Marilyn Sanders Mobley
Dennis and Karen Moriarty*
Heather and Gary Ness
Frances Penn
Gale E. Peterson*
Katerina and Roger Ray*
Chris Rebman
Kevin Rose and Marta Wojcik*
Barbara and John Schubert
Faye Sholiton *
Bob and Hope Taft
Amy Grace Ulman

Paul E. Watkins
Edith F. Hirsch Philanthropic Fund, Jewish Federation of Cleveland*

*Denotes Luminary—a donor for 5 consecutive years or a monthly donor

$100 - $249

Jane and Stanford M. Ackley*
James D. Aldridge*
Fred Andrle
Mark and Sandra Auburn*
Suzanne Blaser
Gwen Brubaker*
Becky Cornett
Jeff Darbee and Nancy Recchie
Joseph Dehner and Noel Jules-Dehner
David Dettwiler
Patricia A. Diller
Christine F. Donaldson*
Samuel N. Dorf and Masha Kisel
Robert W. Dorsey*
Todd Ehninger
John and Barbara Fleming
Marvin E. Fletcher*
Ashley and Barbara Ford*
Barbara Galantowicz
Richard and Barbara Gebhardt*
Gay Marie Goden*
David and Patricia Gynn
Peter and Lee Haas
Court Hall*
Marilyn Harshman
Earnest and Nancy Hatfield*

Ann Heffernan
Herman R. and Judy L. Hoerig*
Ted Inbusch
Richard C. Irwin
Kristen Jemmott*
Marie S. Keister
Eleanor Kingsbury*
Judith Kitchen*
Emil and Jean Kmetec
Phyllis Knepper
Christine Knisely and David McCoy*
Vladimir Kogan
Donald Lateiner*
Louis and Rene Levy
Kelly Mezurek
Andrea Benza Morwood and
Robert F. Morwood*
William and Linda Muthig
Harold and Suzanne Niehaus
Charles B. Nuckolls
Margaret Piatt and James White*
Scarlett Rebman
Page Sampson
Tony Sanfilippo*
Ann M. Schenking
Robert Seeman and Karin Jacobson*

Ohio Humanities' Lincoln School PROJECT is supported in part by OHIO HUMANITIES' generous Conversation Starters:

John M. Glaze
in honor of the Lincoln School Marchers

David Descutner and DeLysa Burnier in honor of Ada Woodson Adams and Dr. Francine Childs


in honor of Kim Eckert and Shelley Rogers

Dr. Rustom and Mary Khouri
in recognition of Susan Smith

Doreen Uhas-Sauer and John Sauer in memory of Cathy D. Nelson (1951-2022)

Susan Ferraro Smith and Bob Smith in honor of Mary Jane Ferraro, Mary Margaret Smith, and Carmella Mazzella Ferraro


Rebecca Brown Asmo
in honor of Marisa Brown

Jerolyn Barbee

Kathy Sue Barker

Anne and Tim Bezbatchenko
in honor of Jack and Sarah Bezbatchenko

Douglas and Marisa Brown
in memory of Beryl Force and Faustina Cenci

Kathleen Burgess

Judith and Richard Bryan

Brodi and Andrea Conover

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Cook

Becky and Ward Cornett

Patricia Diller

Deena Epstein

Katherine Fell
in honor of Winzer and Vivian Andrews

Shellee Fisher
in honor of Marqus, Jr. and Camille Crawford

Ivy Freeman

Amanda Hayes

Betsy Hedler

Ann Heffernan

Ted Inbusch

John and Carolyn Kellis

Catherine and Steve Kennedy
in honor of Seyla Kramer

Emil and Jean Kmetec

Vicki Knauff

Philip Kuceyeski

Rebecca Lash

Thomas and Kathryn Law

Louis Levy

Lisa Lopez Snyder

Kelly Mezurek

Dan Moder

in honor of Susan E. Chenault

MJ and Jim Pajk
in honor of Janice Pajk and Shirley McLean

Kevin and Carla Miller

Dan Moder
in memory of Susan E. Chenault

Dennis and Karen Moriarty

Heather Ness

Harold and Suzanne Niehaus

Frances Penn
in memory of Gary M. Penn, Sr.

Diana, Chris, and Scarlett Rebman
in honor of Delores "Dee" Rebman

Kevin R. Rose

Ann Schenking and Michael Herrlein

Carey Schmitt

Faye Sholiton

Matthew Schott

Sarah Sisser
in honor of Barb Lockard

William and Susan Trollinger

Amy Grace and Doug Ulman
in honor of Diana Ulman and Johanna Roussell

Paul Watkins

Megan Wood

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Carey Snyder and Mark Barsamian
Lisa Lopez Snyder*
Maria Stockard
Saul and Karla Strieb
Jeremy Taylor
Susan Thompson
William and Susan Trollinger
Andreá N. Williams
Patricia N. Williamsen*
John Winnenberg and Cindy Hartman In honor of Sandra Landis
Megan Wood

*Denotes Luminary—a donor for 5 consecutive years or a monthly donor

Up to $99

Mary Ann and Michael Abrams
Davida Arnold
Anna Auteri
Carrie Ayers
Jerolyn Barbee
Fred and Joy Bartenstein*
Bill Behrendt
Crystal Bell
Jennifer Berwanger
Shamekia Bowen-Brady
Jacqueline Boyd
Kathleen and Jack Burgess
Alexander Butler
Cbus Libraries
Donna Collins
Marian Conn*
Richard R. and Maryann Cook
Michael Cox
Jason and Melanie Crabill
Sonja Cropper
Mary and Robert Daley
Deborah Ellis
Peggy Erskine
Cailynn Fox
James L. Hart*
Amanda E. Hayes
Marilyn M. and Michael A. Hedges
Betsy Hedler
Faye A. Heston
Bethany Hobbs
Richard and Alice Hoover
Claire Kelley
Starr Keyes
Karen King-Cavin
Rebecka Lash
Raymond and Allyson Leisy

Edward R. Lentz
Dana and Spencer Love
Kevin Lydy
Luis Macias
Amanda Manahan and Joseph Cross
Donna and Jeremiah Marbury
Eleonora D. Marovitz
Wanda Mays
David Merkowitz*
Timothy Murnen
Allen and Sue Musheno*
Kristen Oeth
Lauren O’Meally
Tyler Pajk
Kevin Palmore
Edward and Merrelyn Powers
Emily Prieto*
Linda Rathbone
Renee Rebman
Morgan Ricketts
Donna Roachford
Lisa Curtis Rolark
Debra Russell
Laura Russell
Patricia Scharer
Susan Schueller
Matthew Schott
Charles I. Terbille*
Andrea Torrice
Thomas M. Way
Catherine and Nick Wilson
In honor of Kenton Kirschner
Deborah A. Witte
Alan and Ann Woods
Sheila Yamartino
Joan Zajack
Vicki Zust

Janyce C. Katz and Mark Glazman In honor of Pat Williamsen

*Denotes Luminary—a donor for 5 consecutive years or a monthly donor

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