Kiley Kinnard

Photo of LuSter Singleton

LuSter P. Singleton is a native of Zanesville, Ohio and is proud to be from ‘Y-bridge river country.’  They are fascinated by the intersections of ‘isms’ and how -isms inform/instruct positive perceptions of “faith” and gender in our daily lives. LuSter’s passion for creating space that allows people to truly, ‘BE’ is evident in their creative vision, passion, tenacity and willingness to be vulnerable. They’ve helped foster/create an impressive list of queer programming, educational series, presenter-led-discussions and celebrations full of positive impact, for the community. Currently they are co-directing, writing, raising funds, hosting trailblazer interviews, researching historical footage for a ‘project of passion’ entitled Free Beer Tomorrow, a documentary highlighting the critical community role of Ohio’s oldest lesbian owned and operated bar and the women who “found themselves” there.