Applying for an Ohio Humanities Grant

Funding cultural programs around the state is one way Ohio Humanities helps spark conversation and inspire ideas. Humanities scholars, community history specialists, and cultural heritage professionals play a key role in Ohio Humanities funded projects. Funded projects take many forms: documentaries, exhibitions, public talks, book festivals, digital media, and more!

Getting Started

Writing a successful grant proposal takes time. Check out these tips for getting started—especially if this is your first time seeking a grant from us:


1. Understand that Ohio Humanities grants are for public humanities organizations.

Ohio Humanities offers grants for organizations that provide humanities programming to public audiences across the state. The “humanities” include the study of history, literature, languages, philosophy, archaeology, ethics, jurisprudence, comparative religion, and world cultures. The humanities also encompass art history, theory, and criticism—but not the creation, display or performance of art—and aspects of the social sciences that use historical or philosophical approaches.


2. Make sure your organization is eligible to apply.

To be eligible for an Ohio Humanities grant, you must apply on behalf of a nonprofit organization located in the state of Ohio—such as a public library, museum, historical society, or community organization.

Please review the grant guidelines for some important exceptions.


3. Review the application guidelines.

If your organization or program may be eligible for a grant, be sure to carefully review our grant guidelines, which include more details about the types of activities we fund, the size of awards available, and the questions included on the application and final report.


4. Complete an application.

Once you’ve decided to apply for a grant, you’ll submit an application. We'll ask for some basic information about your organization and programming, including your intended audience and the scholars involved with your project.


5. Ask us for help!

If you have questions about applying for a grant, please contact a Program Officer. We’re here to help you submit a successful application!

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